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Dori Media Spike - Company Overview

Founded in July 2007, Dori Media Spike is the largest independent content company in Israel and is widely considered one of Israel's most professional television content companies.

Dori Media Spike offers a full range of services, from channel management, development, branding, and acquisitions through to on-air promotion, marketing and PR.  Dori Media Spike is also a consulting company for international and local clients in these areas.  Among our specialized services, are cost analyses and set up of cost effective standards and procedures for channels on multi channel platforms.  We are driven by three goals when approaching a channel's needs:  to build brand awareness, promote viewer loyalty, and achieve optimal viewing levels.
The production and operation of seven successful movie channels and 2 television series channels currently on the cable platform, the largest multi channel service in Israel, have gained Dori Media Spike a reputation for making channels stand out locally and have resulted in increased subscriber satisfaction and improved platform image.

The company is staffed by experienced, hard-working individuals who work to a channel's benefit by combining Western standards with industry savvy.  It's all about "spiking it": helping customers achieve their vision by doing it right from the start.

Dori Media Spike Channels

Currently, Dori Media Spike produces 10 channels for the HOT Cable platform, 8 movie channels (including one HD) and 2 series channels.  The movie package provided to HOT is one of the platform's three primary assets (the other two being internet and telephony). 

Hot Gold

The flagship channel featuring the best first run titles and favorite titles primarily in English, mainly from major Hollywood Studios with an emphasis on the films released theatrically in Israel and those, which received significant media and advertising attention worldwide.  The channel's content is aimed at the mainstream viewer that enjoys movies above most other viewing options.  The effects of premiering blockbusters and beefy titles together with the application of proven programming strategies on a "flagship channel" facilitate the building of customer trust, loyalty, and satisfaction as "only the best" are selected for this channel. 

Hot Drama

The quintessential 24-hour television destination for women, the channel features the best studio and independent driven dramas and melodramas women enjoy viewing. Programming includes box office hits past and present, made for television movies and mini series.  HOT Drama features a weekly "Chick Flick" for grandmother, mothers, daughters, and girlfriends to enjoy together.

Hot Action

This masculine toned channel invites all audiences seeking star-studded high production value thrillers, suspense, martial arts, espionage, and war films from the major Hollywood studios and independent production companies. 

Hot Fun 

A mix of lighthearted comedy channel for the whole family during the day with films rated G and PG and early fringe titles rated PG-13 and R into primetime. These fringe titles suited for older audiences heighten its appeal for older audiences.  HOT Fun features current theatricals, blockbuster animation films loved by all ages and classic enduring comedies from the major studios as well as top independent companies.  

Hot Prime

The "Art house" of the movie package, HOT Prime satisfies the viewer who enjoys good cinema with integrity and films produced as a form of art.  The channel features festival films, time-honored cinema, major foreign titles, and the works of important directors.  Acknowledged international film festivals such as Sundance, Berlin, Cesar, Toronto are annual events celebrated with award winning titles from the festivals as well as tributes to the works of filmmakers who have made significant marks on the world of cinema.  

Hot Films

A movie channel offered as part of the basic package reaches a broad multi generational audience of mainstream viewers and offers an all around selection of films types and genres.

Series Channels

Dori Media Spike will launch on January 4, 2009 two series channels on the HOT cable platform with one of the channels to be carried on the DBS platform, YES rebranded as YES Basic.

Hot Zone
A new premium channel on the hot platform to launch January 4, 2009 will replace Sony international's AXN.  Hot zone is a thrill packed channel featuring the top American action, science fiction, fantasy and adrenaline heightening reality series.  The channel boasts network hits like ‘24', the hit CSI franchise, Las Vegas, Miami and New York, Survivor, Amazing Race and the Sarah O'Connor Chronicles: The Terminator.

Hot Family
A new basic channel that will also launch on January 4, 2009 on HOT platform and the satellite platform, YES as YES STARS BASIC.  Viewers will be treated the best of daytime programs like The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives, Dr. Phil, Oprah and Home and Away.  The primetime schedule will prove entertaining with such shows as Greek, 90210, American Idol, and Rules of Engagement.

Dori Media Spike, a joint venture between Dori Media Group (DMG) and Spike Communications that combines DMG's knowledge in the business of TV channels both in Israel and internationally and Spike 2K Communication's expertise in creating and maintaining high profile television channels.  Dori Media Spike has surpassed client expectations in Israel by excelling in every aspect of channel production and within a few months after launching seven channels on the HOT platform, generated impressive market viewing shares, elevated HOT's image and increased subscriber/customer satisfaction. Long-term success can be achieved with Dori Media Spike who can apply its high standards in all facets of channel operations:

  • Conceiving and building a channel's brand
  • Securing programming rights
  • Strategic  planning and scheduling
  • Creating and implementing effective on-air promotion strategies
  • Creative Marketing and PR for the channels
  • Conducting market research

In all our projects, we apply a unique channel-growing methodology that takes a concept "right from the start." Around each concept, we build a comprehensive plan that addresses acquisitions (both linear and new media), programming, scheduling, marketing, promotion, and the integration of new media within the existing business.  This far-reaching approach has led to great results with all of our channels.

Dori Media Spike - a company that can deliver more than channels

Dori Media Spike content development, acquisitions, and channel management company for the cable and satellite television industry. We take a forward-thinking, full service, integrated approach to your channel's needs, helping you ensure your channel's ability to grow from a well-prepared base. We can equip you to embrace the new opportunities created by technology in television. We can help you develop viewer loyalty, fortify your brand awareness, and increase your viewing audience.

Range of services:

  • Development
  • Planning, acquisitions, & production
  • Programming
  • Off and on-air promotions
  • Web sites & interactive tv

What we can do for you:

  • Create and implement your on-air promo program
  • Develop and build your brand
  • Localize your international content
  • Increase your market presence and penetration
  • Design and implement your interactive plan
  • Promote your on-air and on-site stickiness

Concept development: You come up with your channel concept or we will, defining it down to its core: its overall image, audience, music, exposure, and ATTITUDE. 

Planning, acquisitions, programming: We'll identify, locate, and, and map out the best time slots and program clusters. We know how to analyze viewing stats and other data to optimize your content, giving you the most value for your investment.

Intelligent marketing and on-air promotion: Spike knows how to let your audience know what you've got, through eye-catching, well-targeted promos, newspaper ads, and media coverage.

Interactive TV:  We're ready to make interactive tv work to your best advantage. We prep channels for interactivity. Dori Media Spike is now developing an interactive channel, which will promote all of its channels through games, trivia and marketing campaign. 


The company's proven ability is all about good people:
Nadav Palti, Chairman. Although President and CEO of Dori Media Group, Nadav works closely with Dori Media Spike lending his business acumen and experience in the strategic vision of Dori Media Spike.

Claire Elbaz, CEO. Claire helped get the Israel cable TV industry going 20 years ago. Today she is considered a leading channel management professional, with a rich, proven background in launching and growing cable stations. Claire's forte is her ability to shape and brand channels by recognizing and securing critical content, knowing how to schedule it, and building excellent audience-responsive marketing packages.

Yariv Levski, Executive Vice President. Yariv has more than 11 years of experience in marketing and business development in leading Israeli companies. In his last position Yariv was Marketing Director of Israeli ISP market leader (Bezeq International) and was responsible for ISP, VAS and Telephony Residential sector services. Yariv also has experience in new services development and marketing in a leading Israeli Credit Card Company. Yariv also has experience as a Marketing Director of an Israeli startup.  Yariv holds B.A. and M.B.A degree, both from Israeli college of management and holds a certificate degree from Kellogg school of management, Chicago in Business Marketing strategy management.

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